You know you are a title holder when…

You realize you slept through take-off on a flight.

You used your title vest as a blanket during a flight.

You have to check you Google calendar to see when you will be home again.

Your travel requires a spreadsheet.

You forget which class you are teaching until you arrive at a conference and check the schedule.

Your bank has stopped questioning out-of-town charges.

You don’t fully unpack your bags, you just pull out the dirty laundry and dry cleaning.

Eating out is no longer fun, just part of staying fed.

Google maps knows you are always looking for the Starbucks nearest your current location.

You spend more time with your friends who live across town while you are out of town at the same conferences.

Your own bed feels ‘weird’ and hotel beds are comfy.

You begin to sympathize with rock stars who trash hotel rooms because you too get a little stir crazy.

You find yourself explaining fairly often that no, not all Texans put fried eggs on things, ride horses, or wear spurs to work.

You realize that you wouldn’t trade a second of waiting for a connecting flight, drinking bad hotel coffee, or dressing out of a suit case because you passionately love what you are doing.

Most importantly… you have the privilege and honor of teaching folks all over about what you hold most dear.


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