Welcome to the online home of House Kramo Bone

House Kramo Bone enjoys a day at the beach.

It is always nice to begin at the beginning so let’s start with what “Kramo Bone” means. Kramo Bone comes from the Andinkra symbol language and translates to “the bad Mohammedan makes it difficult for a good one to be recognized” or “one being bad makes all appear to be bad.” It is a warning against hypocrisy.

This symbol has many layers of meaning for Todd. He choose this as the first man-made image he altered his skin with when he had it branded into the right side of his chest. Years later, he had a tattoo of it placed on the left side of his chest. He grew up in the angst ridden years of the early punk DIY movement and took hold of the notion of being true to yourself without hypocrisy then. He has carried that throughout his life and holds this standard in highest regard.

Our house is built on the notion that no one is unacceptable so long as he or she is willing to be true to themselves and respectful of those around them. Our door is always open to all walks of kinky life – het, gay, lesbian, queer, gender-fucked, trans, Top, bottom, Dom, sub, Master, and slave all are equally accepted.

This site is intended primarily to give us a way to communicate what we do and are with others; we hope that you find it interesting. This site also allows us to collaborate and think through, outline, write, and edit our own thoughts about who we are. Even if we are the only two folks who visit the site, creating it together has been a joy.