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It is always nice to begin at the beginning so let’s start with what “Kramo Bone” means. Kramo Bone comes from the Andinkra symbol language and translates to “the bad Mohammedan makes it difficult for a good one to be recognized” or “one being bad makes all appear to be bad.” It is a warning against hypocrisy.

This symbol has many layers of meaning for Todd. He choose this as the first man-made image he altered his skin with when he had it branded into the right side of his chest. Years later, he had a tattoo of it placed on the left side of his chest. He grew up in the angst ridden years of the early punk DIY movement and took hold of the notion of being true to yourself without hypocrisy then. He has carried that throughout his life and holds this standard in highest regard.

Our house is built on the notion that no one is unacceptable so long as he or she is willing to be true to themselves and respectful of those around them. Our door is always open to all walks of kinky life – het, gay, lesbian, queer, gender-fucked, trans, Top, bottom, Dom, sub, Master, and slave all are equally accepted.

This site is intended primarily to give us a way to communicate what we do and are with others; we hope that you find it interesting. This site also allows us to collaborate and think through, outline, write, and edit our own thoughts about who we are. Even if we are the only two folks who visit the site, creating it together has been a joy.



  1. James says:

    Dear Todd & Elizabeth,

    My name is James Driskill.

    As of last month I started using Andinkra symbols in my home which I just moved into on April 1st 2015. It is a small apartment in the Denver Colorado Capitol Hill Area. My vision of this new home space for me is really community.

    When I first moved in, of course everything is a disarray and there is nothing on the walls but black white space. The first placement of symbol was the “Gye Nyame” : Supremacy of God, Omnipotence and Immortality of God : Predominantly displayed in every single occupying room. In other words, except for the closets. This includes the bathroom, which is one of these apartments which the bathroom is accessed by going through the bedroom space.

    I had not yet considered the next symbol principle to place into the naming of my bedroom as a playroom. I of course looked through the symbol set I had and choose Kramobone. I proceeded to ask the person whom was most interfaced with me at the time with this ideal, in one word knowing everything so far about me, what one words describes me. His response was “Awesome”. Therefore, the naming of the room begins : “Awesome Kramobone” and quickly added to “Glows and Blows” to describe two additional concepts. Glows refers to the fact that my networking is broadcasting into the neighborhood, in principle and everything that happens here is goodness glowing. The second word I think is self explanatory, but if we need to say it and say it loud…. BLOWS is orgasmic flows of cum shooting out of sexual play within this room.

    Once I had the name, I looked up Kramobone online to see how and what places in the universe name themselves after this symbol. I found you of course. And I am using you as a set example of what is expected in my home — playroom — by all of my guests. Thank you for being that shining example of Kramobone, if you would like a place onto the web at http://gruwup.net/%5BWebDomains%5D/housekramobone.com

    Great Reasons Us [ Todd, Elizabeth, and I James ] Will Unite Peace

    I have a centered mission to share with everyone passing in and through Kramobone space that is absolutely a very important ideal to make glowing everywhere across our globe for world peace. The space at http://gruwup.net is not a website but a file directory of images and other resources that fall into place. I would like your site to be one that is highlighted as good to the working progression of peace to all. Thank you and Good day/Good night.

    James Driskill
    Denver Colorado
    wifi broadcast ssid:

    [ Gruwup-ReasonsUsWillUnitePeace ]

    In my space, I have a landline called
    Kramobone Phone : 720-***-7044
    which I prefer very limited distribution
    but this is the line I would request that
    you call me back on if you would like to talk.
    Thank you.

  2. James says:

    I should have described the process for guests.

    When each guest arrives, they are to pick from a set of 104 Andinkra symbols that I have on the front table. I request they review the origin of the symbol set, which I have provided to them a reference of history usage as a communication system instead of language. I next ask each guest to take a push pin and place that symbol onto some place on the wall of my place here, anywhere but into the woods doors and frames or within the closets. This is where I then take their symbol and some future time when they have left their stay and place usually an “art” reference in place of their symbol exactly at the place they pinned it to the wall. In honor of their visit to my space. This creates blank white walls into guest art collages based upon each person’s visit. this is how my space is being utilized in whole. In all of that, this space is being placed into existence for UNITING PEACE.

    Blessed Be. I welcome a visit if you are ever in the Denver Colorado area.

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